Family Camp


Wednesday, July 3 through Sunday, July 7

** NOTE: Registration is CLOSED for 2019


Bro. Branham told us that in these last days “the home life is running out into shallow water” and that “home life is so neglected, till the Bible is laid back.” He reminded us that “the Bible predicts all these things” and that we are “standing in a position, watching these things run out.”

Truly we recognize that these things are prophecies being fulfilled, yet we are also exhorted that “we got to think of young people.” Bro. Branham asked us “what about them that’s coming on?”We must “make arrangements” for our children. He pinpointed where the problem was and what the answer is: “One of the great lackings of our day today in America and the rest of the world is godly parents to set an influence upon their children.”

While we do allow young people to come to camp without their parents, we strongly encourage you to come as a family if at all possible. Think of the encouraging influence it would be to your children to come to these kind of meetings as a family. Think of what God will do for you AS a family! Take it to the Lord in sincere prayer and ask for His direction. When you come, come expecting!

“ So let’s confess all our sins and wrongs, and trust God to pour out His Spirit in such a measure that there’ll be a great spiritual outpouring in this old camp meeting grounds here, whatever it is, that sick people would be healed and sinners will be saved. I’ll be praying for you, and you pray for me; and together, God will bless us all.”