General Camp Information


“Northern Lights Family Camp” is held at a campground owned by the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada named “Living Waters Camp.” The campground is 30 sandy acres of pine and aspen trees that borders on Adamson Lake. “Living Waters Camp” is located a mile east of Highway 11, about 20 minutes south of Prince Albert or one hour and ten minutes north of Saskatoon.


Aerial photo of the Living Waters campground where we host the Northern Lights Family Camp

The campground has 2 chapels. The smaller one can seat up to 150 (we use it for one of our camp “Sunday School” classes), while the larger tabernacle has held as many as 700 in some of our evening services. The dining hall can seat 200 at a time, the new canteen seats about 50 and we set up a tent outside to accommodate another 100 at meal times. There are two bathroom and shower buildings on the grounds, and several of the cabins have running water.


Camp opens on Wednesday evening with an orientation meeting and devotional time, followed by a campfire “sing-song” down on the beach. There are two services each day from Thursday through Saturday (morning and evening), with a final service on Sunday morning. During the morning services on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, there are also two “Sunday School” classes for those between ages 5 and 11 that want to attend. Saturday afternoon will oftentimes have a time for special singing and worship. A baptismal service is held at the lake right after the Sunday morning service concludes.


While our main emphasis is on the spiritual part, we also give opportunity for activities in the afternoons. There are organized group activities for those that desire to participate. These activities are divided into several different age groups starting at age 4 and going up through the teens and beyond. Besides the organized activities, there are always several volleyball courts that are kept busy, 9 square is popular, there is a basketball court, and also a playground with swings, slides and a fenced sandbox area for the little children.